Q: Is a fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system, or other fire system required in our building?

A: The answer is usually dependent on the occupancy use of the building as determined by the IFC and IBC, and local authorities. CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. can help determine what is required. Feel free to call to discuss your building, project, occupancy, and your fire protection needs.

Q: We’re not sure what the fire protection requirements are for our building occupancy.

A: CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. can help determine what the fire protection requirements will be based on your building and occupancy. We can also help determine what type of fire sprinkler system (wet pipe, dry pipe, or another system type) best suits your needs.

Q: We’re looking at a design-build type project with a general contractor and/or architectural team. Can CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. be part of the team and help assist with the design development?

A: Yes, CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. is often part of a design-build team. Being part of the team allows us to be creative and provide the best economical fire protection package to the customer. It also allows us to work with GCs who work with the entire construction team to provide the owner with a final building product that meets the owner’s particular needs. Being part of the design-build team also supports our financial stability and growth, providing stable employment opportunities to our staff and crews.

Q: I’m looking at turning a residence into an assisted living property. Does CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. work on assisted living residences?

A: Yes, CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. does work on many assisted living residences. If you already own a home and want to convert the home into an assisted living residence for up to five residents, then we are the fire protection contractor to call for fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and monitoring services. However, please note that we charge $500 to complete a site survey of your house, determine what your available water supply is, and complete a preliminary concept plan for the fire sprinklers and fire alarm system. If you decide you want to move forward with your assisted living conversion of your home, then the $500 fee would be deducted from the overall project proposal.

Q: How does CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. bill for a larger project?

A: CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. does progress billing on larger projects. For example, if a project has design expenses, permitting expenses, material costs, labor costs, etc., CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. will bill monthly for costs to date. This may include design and permitting expenses in the first month, followed by material and fabrication costs, then installation costs. If the work involves service work or inspections, for example, then we will bill once for the work completed.

Q: Does CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. accept credit card payments?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, and check payments. Just call our office to make a payment.

Q: Does CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. offer financing options?

A: Unfortunately, no. CHINOOK FIRE PROTECTION, INC. does not offer financing for fire protection projects or products. It is up to the building owner to obtain financing through their own financial institution. However, to be creative, we can extend the billing out over two or three months on a case-by-case basis.